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Using Natural Unrefined Sea Salt in Your Filipino Dishes

Sea salt has always been an integral ingredient in Filipino cooking. Its unique flavor and texture make it a popular choice for Pinoy chefs and home cooks alike. Natural unrefined sea salt, in particular, has been a salt flavor that blends perfectly with our Filipino heritage. Here are some benefits of using raw local sea salt in your kitchen!

  1. Rich in Minerals Natural unrefined sea salt is rich in minerals that are essential for maintaining good health. Unlike refined table salt, which is processed and stripped of its natural minerals, natural unrefined sea salt contains trace amounts of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals are important for maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and heart function.

  2. Enhances Flavor Natural unrefined sea salt has a unique flavor that can enhance the taste of your Pinoy dishes. It has a slightly briny taste that is less harsh than table salt. It also has a slightly coarse texture that can add crunch to your dishes. Many Filipino chefs prefer natural unrefined sea salt because it can add a depth of flavor to their local Pinoy favorite dishes that table salt cannot. Some samples of these local dishes are: Inihaw, Sinigang, Adobo, TInola, Paksiw, Papaitan, Chicharon, and the famous Lechon! Sa mga timplang ito, perfect companion ang Philippine-made raw sea salt.

  3. Better for Digestion Natural unrefined sea salt is easier for the body to digest than table salt. This is because it contains a higher percentage of natural sodium chloride, which is easier for the body to process. Also, the way it is farmed makes it a soft salt. The Filipino way of farming produces what we call "1-day old sea salt" similar to the French "Fleur-de-sel". Imported table salt, on the other hand, is often treated with anti-caking agents and other chemicals that can be difficult for the body to digest. Also because the way it is produced, the salt crystallizes for long period of time (up to 3 years) making it's texture very hard and does not dilute easily. By using natural unrefined sea salt in your cooking, you can help promote better digestion and overall health.

Look for natural locally manufactured sea salt for your next cooking session! How does adding a pinch of pure Philippine sea salt elevate the flavor of your dishes? Discover the secret ingredient to perfecting your cooking with our premium Mina De Oro salt.

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